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Organic Bodycare

Beautiful, healthy skin requires daily care; it’s that simple. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and just as you would take steps to protect your brain and heart, the skin must also be taken care of.

Day-to-day activities such as taking a shower or going for a walk in the sun can take a toll on the skin over time. What you eat and how much you sleep can also affect the health of your skin. To counteract these effects, it’s essential that the right skin care be applied to the body. Not only will you protect your skin from dryness and dehydration, but you’ll keep your skin looking supple and radiant.

The range of body care products from People for Plants is made with certified organic and natural ingredients, eliminating the risk of dangerous chemicals that can irritate the skin. If you’ve ever been alarmed at the number of ingredients listed by some skin care manufacturers, or stumped as to what the words actually mean, you’ll love the all natural (and easy to understand) products here at People for Plants.

Our body creams, body scrubs, and hand creams feature classic and invigorating scents that offer a luxurious and lasting sense of lusciousness while working hard to protect the skin from damage. The botanical blends contain potent antioxidants to protect the cells and leave skin feeling intensely nourished, smooth, plump, and healthy looking.

People for Plants

People for Plants was created with a vision for a range of organic skin care products that truly work. Born on a family farm on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, the 100% Australian Owned and Certified Organic company is the brainchild of Anna Addicoat and Andrew Brown, who fought and failed to find an effective product when pregnancy threw in the curve ball of dry, irritated, and itchy skin. Eventually settling for their own homemade organic balm, the duo have now mastered the craft of customised skin care and, together with longtime friend and horticulture expert Jamie Durie, People for Plants is fast becoming one of Australia’s best-loved organic manufacturers.

The certification given by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) - an intensely thorough process - together with fast-forming loyal fans is testament to the superior quality of each of the body care products we have to offer.

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When you use the People for Plants range of certified organic products, you’re making the best possible choice for your skin. Upon receiving your product, turn to the list of ingredients and you’ll know in an instance you’ve made the right decision. Transparency is a key principle of the business, and the simplified breakdown of natural sources will have you confident that you’re putting only the purest, healthiest, and most effective ingredients on your body.

Try our range today and let your skin start living naturally.