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In order for your lips to look healthy, smooth and soft, they need taking care of just as you would any other part of your body. Healthy, luscious looking lips go a long way towards your overall appearance and should not be overlooked as part of your daily skincare regime.

Harsh weather conditions, extreme climates, and behaviours such as licking your lips can wreak havoc with your lip’s appearance. While drinking plenty of water can help in keeping lips hydrated, specially crafted lip care products can give them that extra ‘kissable’ effect you so desire.

When choosing a lip balm, it’s especially important to look for all-natural, certified organic ingredients. You’re applying a product directly to your mouth - why would you want it to contain harsh chemicals?

The lip balms at People for Plants are all made with the finest Australian certified organic beeswax, ensuring long-lasting protection for your lips. Blended with coconut oil to moisturise, cocoa butter to soften, and rosemary for its powerful antioxidant properties, your lips will look plump, youthful, and 100% kissable.

The wide range of lip balms on offer at People for Plants means you’ll easily find your desired flavour and scent. If it’s refreshing and tangy you like, try Tangerine & Juniper Berry. If it’s sweet and subtle you long for, shop for Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel. For a traditional balm that’s rich and a touch spicy, opt for the Vanilla & Cocoa Butter balm, a delicate combination known for its skin softening and slightly chocolatey flavour.

Why People for Plants

People for Plants is a family-owned, Australian run company that prides itself on supplying products made from only the finest certified organic ingredients. Born on a farm on the shores of the Hawkesbury River, People for Plants is championed by horticulture expert Jamie Durie, who knows only too well the importance botanicals play in effective skin care.

People for Plants is 100% natural and no nasties are ever used in the manufacturing process. Ingredient lists are kept short and potent, allowing you to understand what it is you are buying.

People for Plants is natural, organic and trustworthy at its best.

How to order

Purchasing from People for Plants is easy and delivery is fast. You can expect to receive your products in 1-5 working days.

Once you’ve selected your chosen lip balm, add it to your cart then continue shopping. Other products to look out for include our wide range of plant-powered moisturisers - or why not add a People for Plants lip balm gift pack? Spoil a loved one with some lip-smacking goodness and add a set to your cart today!